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Our Story

At Kids On First we’re passionate about baseball. Representation matters, that’s why we are committed to creating access and opportunities for youth athletes in urban areas. We offer an opportunity to learn and play baseball without the worry of associated cost. Baseball teaches life skills such as honesty, humility, and hard work. Join us in creating an organization dedicated to mentorship and creating exposure for minority players. We hope that you’ll support us in our mission to create access, educate, and engage with future leaders.

Our Team

Sherry Cerny


Sherry Cerny is a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Twins. She is a freelance baseball writer and because of her job in baseball and her career-long journey through politics, elections and criminal justice, she knew that the problem of helping kids wasn’t going to be solved in the voting booth.  Her position in the government and in policy allowed her a special vantage point that really bothered her when it came to seeing how the justice system, mental health system and society responded to minorities. Bothered by what she learned and saw, she left her full time job to pursue helping minorities gain access to the sport that she is so passionate about. The 2019 MLB draft left a bad taste in her mouth about how not only minorities were under-represented, but how little they were also helped. The game of baseball has turned into an elitist, socio-economic divide leaving out some of the greatest talent because of their economic situation. Baseball is for everyone, and she will not rest until everyone has the chance to play.

Sherry Cerny CEO

Our Approach

Overall, our approach is centered around providing cost-free access to baseball training, mentorship, nutrition, and financial literacy education, as well as creating a safe and supportive community for children to learn, grow, and thrive. We believe that this approach will help us achieve our goal of promoting diversity in baseball and creating successful young adults who can make sound decisions and advance in their lives.

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